Monday, August 10, 2009

Im going to release something on you

Okay. SO. This is the show that I've had planned since i started writing this record. There were so many amazing musicians who contributed to the record, as well as a few fantastic folks who were not exactly on the record, but contributed in so many other ways, it just didn't seem right to have a CD release show with myself and a couple openers. So here's what's going to happen...

I will be doing one performance on Friday, August 28th with no "opening" bands. Instead, I'll be performing all the songs on my record (and a few new ones) while parading all the musicians who played on the record on and off stage in an extremely hectic fashion. On top of having these folks play their parts from "By The Dirt," each of these superstars will be performing their songs through out the set. Now, if this all goes as planned (which it will) and Bob Dylan doesn't pass away before August 28th (which he won't), this will be an amazing showcase of some of the best musicians in Tucson.

The band will be....

Gabriel Sullivan - Guitar, Piano
Chris Black - Upright Bass
Jake Sullivan - Drums, Percussion
Connor Gallaher - Guitar, Slide, Lap Steel
Vicki Brown - Violin
Tom Walbank - Harp
Andrew Collberg - Guitar
Mike Hebert - Guitar, Slide, Piano
Amy Rude - Guitar
Arthur Vint - Drums, Percussion
Johnny Saczko - Guitar

This is all happening Friday, August 28th @ Club Congress. The show starts at 9pm and will cost $10 with a free copy of "By The Dirt" or $5 without the CD. Sadly, it is 21+ (there will be some all ages show coming) which means there will be people inebriated on that brown water doing bad things so don't be bring yer children.

Oh yeah, and I'll be selling some original art, and some very nice large prints of the poster shown below...

Can't wait to show you all the horrifying stage antics we've picked up on the road!

- Gabriel Sullivan