Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What do you do with 98 acres...

Missed a few days...

In short, we have played the Deep Blues Festival, we met Santa (wisdomofsanta.blogspot.com), we made some wonderful French friends, played a few more shows, and are now staying on a 98 acre ranch in Bozeman, MT.

We're in a bit of a hurry, so I'll tell the story in photos...

Deep Blues Festival...

Our French buddies, Thee Verduns

St. Cloud, MN

98 Acre Ranch in Bozeman, MT

Billings, MT tonight, Missoula, MT tomorrow with Holy Rolling Empire. Yesssssssssssssss.

-Gabriel Sullivan

Monday, July 13, 2009

We have one less tooth than we left with.

Some interesting things have taken place in the last couple days.

Friday we played with the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash and had a great time. Great people, awesome venue, lots of beer. As good as it gets.

At 3 Kings Tavern

Saturday we played a show that we had our doubts about, but turned out great. We played Union Station in Colorado Springs with a band called Supersonic Audiochronic.... folks seemed to dig our tunes despite our lack of marijuana reference. Although my album title, "By The Dirt" has now turned into "Buy The Dirt" in reference to the rumored times that Connor and myself had to make the difficult decision to buy the "dirt weed" or the "nice weed." Buy the dirt weed.

After a lot of wine and mcdonalds the night before, we woke up Sunday morning to the news that Chris was in excruciating pain due to a tooth ache he'de been dealing with for a few days. After a couple hours of thinking Chris might be forced to get back to Tucson, he got his tooth pulled and was forced to sit out our show that night. Jake and I made our best attempt at a two piece, black keys esque set. Connor helped us out on the acoustic guitar for the last few songs. We still had fun.

At Walnut Room

In summary, we had a good weekend, Chris is still on tour, and we are collectively missing a tooth. But we're all still here.

Chris when he could eat solid food

Deep Blues Festival this weekend.

- Gabriel Sullivan and The Titty Mountain Blow Jobs

Thursday, July 9, 2009

El Paso to El Patio

In Pueblo, Co stayin at Chris's parents house drinking Poison Blue Ribbon watching Family Guy... Not bad at all.

Last night was a bit of a roller coaster. We got to Zeppelin's in El Paso to find closed doors and no one at the venue. After getting ahold of the promoter and him explaining to me that the show was not going to happen because it was my job to find the bands and flier the show. After using most four letter words and explaining to him that he had things a little backwards, we made some phone calls and got on a show just down the interstate in Las Cruces. We got there to find an amazing 75 year old bar filled with people, and good bands. We played, people stuck around, and had a blast. A very good night.

Denver tomorrow with Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. Should be good times.

Drove past the Rio Grande today...

The van... Our sliding door works for the first time in 5 years. God is it great.