Thursday, February 11, 2010

Live EP for FREE download!

Okay. So a few weeks ago I opened for Exene Cervenka and decided to make a big ol' night of it. Brian Lopez opened the show and naturally, there was some blending of bands. Brian and Sergio helped me out along with Andrew Collberg on one of my new songs "None Of This Is Mine." I joined Brian playing the Bajo Sexto for one of his songs. Having just moved into a new rehearsal space with all these guys, it seems like this is something that will be happening a lot more often.

This was also the first night where I tried out the band I want to use for my next album. All of which focused around a powerful brass section. We did new arrangements of old songs and tried out a couple brand new ones. It was a special night.

Here are four of the songs from that night, recorded with a little hand-held, bootleg promoting device. The download includes four mp3's, artwork taken from the show's poster, and a credits page.

If you dig the free stuff, check out my not free stuff... I gotta eat.


Gabriel Sullivan - Live at Club Congress 1/24/10


Gabriel Sullivan
Tucson, AZ 2/11/10

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pepita the cat

There's a new musician in the house...


We've already written a song together. It is in melodic Cm and has a Reggaeton beat behind it.

Gabriel Sullivan
Tucson, AZ 2/3/10