Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're all gonna die from the Black Lung

So. My punk rock/ rage n roll band The American Black Lung has put up a new song featuring the one and only, Salvador Duran. It is one hell of a track if I don't say so myself. And not only that, but we've put a live album, our 2009 demos, and the new track all up for FREE download! That's 11 previously unreleased songs!

CLICK HERE to download your ABL rage pack!

In other news - A bunch of songwriter friends and myself did an hour and fourty minute performance at The Historic Rialto Theater last Saturday that consisted of 8 people all trading off and fronting their own songs. It was a one time event and it went off amazingly. Rumor has it there was some good video shot that night...

We had a lotta fun rehearsing this stuff...

The desert wants to rain.

Gabriel Sullivan
Tucson, AZ 4/20/10