Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dark in the borderlands

Tucson, AZ 1/28/10

It's a dark day in the desert. The sky is black and the ground is moist. My clothes are all soaked in mud.

Tonight Chris Black and I will play our first Tucson show with our new band "Bajo Turbato." It is low. It is rabid. It is Gypsy and it is Sonoran. It feels good to have a band where you can completely lose your shit and know that anything goes for the 45 minutes of broken noise. Isn't that what rock n roll is about? It's easy to forget. The rat race of trying to "make it" sure fucks up a lot of people. Townes knew what was up.

Black Lung is almost done tracking the first half of our new record. Imagine Iggy Pop and Dio drinking sipping on sweet agave, cooking carne asada in the back yard, singing along to Mariachi Tecalitlan and you'll have an idea of the new record.

New instruments

Still loud

Salvador Duran lended his voice

Chris Black & Vicki Brown

I'm working out a lot of new songs for a new record. They're fast, they're dark, they're balkan, they're latin, they're tex-mex. Can't wait for everyone to hear them!

Here is a video of one of those new songs. The video was shot 1/24/10 at Club Congress and features Brian Lopez, Sergio Mendoza, and Andrew Collberg. We were opening for Exene Cervenka.

"None Of This Is Mine"

Gabriel Sullivan
Tucson, AZ 1/28/10

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